Delivering India to your Door

Welcome to Tiffin Trove

We all love Indian food, but it can be such a hassle to make at home. First, you need to find a recipe. Then you need to buy dozens upon dozens of specialty ingredients. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Tiffin Trove is changing the game. The "spice gurus" at Tiffin Trove offer specialty boxes with handpicked recipes, pre-measured ingredients, regional gifts, and even an extra set of spices in case you drop or lose anything! All you need to do is buy the staple items you can find at any grocery store, like tomatoes, onions and chicken. Don’t worry about hunting through grocery store aisles. We do the heavy lifting.

Tiffin Trove is an online delivery service specializing in all things India. From spices and food, to jewelry and accessories, let Tiffin Trove bring these items to your front door. 

All of the obscure, hard to pronounce ingredients are already in your Tiffin Trove box!

Since you're in the mood for Indian, wouldn't it be cool to receive regional gifts with every order? We think so.

Every Tiffin Trove order includes an artisan bag or trinket box. Larger meal boxes also contain bonus gifts!

Order today. Get comfortable and let us deliver India to your door! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and announcements!

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